10 hours agoSpringfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I live in a senior community and we play Trivia and have exhausted all our games. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could donate a Trivia game to us. Thank You, Carol
10 hours agoSpringfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I just moved in to a new home from being homeless with my 2 kids I just started a new job and got my kids situated in school ect. But until I get paid I am in need of a refrigerator and a electric stove to feed my children And wouldn't hesitate to repay you when I receive my check thank you
20-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Leak in basement and would like to replace one damaged tile. Thanks.
16-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I need an air mattress with pump or futon for my brother(best friend not bio brother) who lives with me. He's getting on his feet so he can get custody of his daughter. He's starting with literally nothing. Trying to help him out.
15-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
Im in a rehab dealing with addiction issues. Could use clothes for winter mens 2x or bigger Any type of hobby stuff to give me purpose. Thank you
13-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I've recently rescued a cat. Looking for cat tree, scratch box and accessories please.
13-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I m looking for a radio to listen to Celtics games since I don t have cable.
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
for special education classroom
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have a working SIMON that they no longer need or want? Do you remember ... flashing lights and musical notes? Any age of the game is ok as long as it works. I could put it to good use it if possible. Thank you.
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Greetings nonprofit community mental health center needs to be able to project power points and videos for group therapy and for staff meetings. We are looking for a good size LCD TV. (we will also be looking for a laptop to use that you can connect to it )
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a wheelchair in good to great condition for our elderly at our church.
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Bike Platform Rack for 2" Hitch Mount. Please email emwissig@comcast. Located in Granville, MA. Willing to drive to view. Thank you in advance.
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Want to build a new instrument out of an acoustic guitar. Damaged or broken instrument okay.
12-Oct-2018Westfield, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a machine to just do mending.
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for assistance. Lost all personal health problem. In a rehab now. Could use clothes 2x or anything to start hobby like musical instruments to take my mind off addiction. Thsnk you
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for free styrofoam coolers with lids to make winter shelters for feral cats. I am also in need of insulation that comes in board form. Thank you
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
looking for unwanted cassette tapes for a project
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
In need of a queen bed frame. A queen mattress and 2 dressers.
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
Need to get rid of sewing patterns? Creative person would love to have them. Thanks in advance.
11-Oct-2018Springfield, MA+17 milesItems Wanted
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help out a friend of mine & her husband is moving in a one bedroom & they don t have a lot of countertop space so she asked me if I can see if anyone can help out and see if anyone has a microwave stand or a microwave caught that they re not using and don t want anymore that they can give away if you do please let me know thanks
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